Size - F (Small)
Shoulder width: 43 / Width: 53.5 / Sleeve length: 61.5 / Length: 57 /

This AVIREX Flight Jacket MA-1 REMODEL MARK2 Is now available at Rich Archive. A very Rare jacket The only one on the Uk market, An amazing Flight suit life suit/ Flight jacket Design. In Fantastic condition with no holes or stains with a unzippable hood that goes into fur wings.

Please feel free to purchase at any time And will be sent out within 1-2 working days Please contact us for anymore information We don’t offer the return service World wide shipping is available on request

About us The items on this page are all second hand items, unless said other wise therefore signs of wear may be present. But any major flaws will be highlighted if present on the item. We don’t offer returns or refunds.

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